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Price for parking is:
120,00 kn*

* Notice: The calculation is informative, and we are not responsible for the possible variation in the actual calculation for billing of parking.

At Zadar Airport there is an open space parking lot with 591 parking spaces available to you.

Number of parking spots

  • Cars 216
  • Rent-a-car 310
  • Taxi 41
  • Handicap spots 16
  • Buses 8


You check in at the entrance ramp by pressing a button on the ticket machine. You will receive a ticket marking the time of entrance and then park your car. On leaving Zadar Airport you will insert the ticket into the machine for paying parking fee. After completed payment you will get the same ticket back which you insert into the machine at the exit ramp with the bar code facing upwards.
The previous actions will activate the ramp, lifting it upwards and you will be free to leave the parking lot.

Price list

Description Price (HRK)
Car parking
10 minutes free of charge -
Parking by hour:
1st hour 20,00 HRK/per hour
2nd hour 10,00 HRK/per hour
3rd hour 5,00 HRK/per hour
Each additional hour 2,00 HRK/per hour
Lost ticket 700,00 HRK
Monthly rent 1.000,00 HRK/per space
Annual rent 8.000,00 HRK/per space
Annual rent for the other employees and companies at the Airport 1.500,00 HRK/per space
  • After payment you have 15 minutes to leave the parking lot
  • VAT is included in the above prices
  • Zadar Airport does not take any responsibility for possible loss, or damage of vehicles or objects from them

Charge of parking services shall be performed as follows:

- in cash (HRK)
- credit and debit cards

If you need an invoice you will have to fill up a form at the Info-desk in the passenger terminal building and send it together with a copy of your receipt for the payed parking fee to e-mail parking(manki)zadar-airport(tocka)hr.
You will receive the receipt by mail within a few days.

Prices are valid from 1st April 2019