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Service charges


The above named business conditions are based on the provisions of the Airport’s Law and the Air Traffic Law of the Republic of Croatia and in accordance with legal rules governing fees and tariff policy.

The basic General Business Conditions will apply to the following airport services:
1.2.1. The use of the runway for takeoff and landing (the so-called LANDING)
1.2.2. The use of illumination of the runway and maneuvering areas (the so-called LIGHTING)
1.2.3. The handling of aircrafts, passengers, baggage, cargo and mail (the so-called HANDLING)
1.2.4. The use of aircraft stands on the apron and other aircraft parking areas (the so-called PARKING)
1.2.5. The use of the centralized infrastructure (CENTRALIZED INFRASTRUCTURE)
1.2.6. Special services to passengers and cargo consignors:
a) passenger service (PASSENGER SERVICE)
b) security check (SECURITY CHECK)

The charges for airport services in the Price List are in Euros (EUR).

Zadar Airport standard service price offered to air carriers is not to be reduced if the carriers do not use, or refuse to use such standard service.

Calculation and charge of services, the air carrier shall pay for rendered services prior to takeoff. The charge of services shall be performed as follow:
– in cash
– credit and debit cards

Air carriers that have a contract with Zadar Airport, shall pay for rendered services in accordance with signed contracts.

Calculation and charge of rendered services can be performed in any currency in the following way: the price quoted in EUR is to be calculated into preferred currency in accordance with the invoice issuance.

Value Added Tax (VAT) is not included in the Price List. Domestic legal and physical persons as well as air carriers must pay Value Added Tax (VAT). International air carriers are exempt from Value Added Tax (VAT) only on services regulated by the Law on Value Added Tax.
International legal and physical persons, other than air carriers, must pay Value Added Tax (VAT).

In case of delayed payments, interest will be added to the debtor in accordance with the law.

Every user requiring and using air traffic services is considered to have accepted all conditions of the Price List, on the principle of acceptance.
The prices in the Price List are unique for services rendered in domestic and international traffic.

Download a detailed price list, which is valid from June 1st 2021.