Welcome to Zadar, European best destination 2016!

Welcome to Zadar, European best destination 2016!

Zadar was elected the best European destination 2016 by voting conducted on website „European Best Destinations“!

Zadar won this prestigious title of the Best European Destination ahead of many renowned European destinations such as Vienna, Prague, Paris, Madrid, Milan, Athens,,...

„Zadar is a great city, marked by its history and turned towards modernity. Zadar is a different city, incomparable, with soft and cozy atmosphere, a holiday atmosphere of tranquility and serenity. Zadar is quiet and safe. You will not only discover splendid vestiges of the Roman area, but also fine shops and restaurants at affordable prices. In Zadar you will enjoy delicious food and nice walks along the docks and you will listen to the sound of the sea organ, a unique facility in Europe that allows the sea to compose a sweet and enchanting music.“


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