Information for passengers about COVID 19

Covid-19 testing at Zadar Airport

Covid-19 testing is not being conducted at Zadar Airport.
Currently available locations in Zadar, and all relevant information about testing are available at the following link:

Dear passengers, we highly recommend that you contact the airline you are traveling with for any information and updates on your flight status and the latest travel instructions.

You can find the contact info of the airlines operating at Zadar Airport at the following link:

Furthermore, you can find a link to the guidelines published by the Croatian Institute of Public Health at the below link:

Airport information:

Tel: 060 355 355 for calls within the national network
The price of call 1,74 HRK per minute for calls from fixed line and 2.96 HRK for calls from mobile network.
Operated by: HT d.d. Savska c. 32, Zagreb

Tel: +385 23 205 917 for calls outside Croatia

Frequently asked questions

The airport has taken several measures that address passengers and employees. With the increased frequency of cleaning and disinfection of passenger terminal, it is mandatory to maintain social distance between employees and passengers by means of signage and recommended wearing protective masks for passengers and employees. Posters and displays on recommended hygiene measures and procedures for passengers were installed throughout the terminal, automatic sound announcement were introduced as a reminder for maintaining distance and hand washing/disinfection; contactless disinfection dispensers were installed at specific critical points of the passenger terminal, and transparent protection was installed on the counters.

It is recommended to wear a protective face mask during your stay in the passenger terminal. At the airport you can buy a mask.

The following transport conditions are applicable to the carriage of alcohol-based hand sanitizers (a disinfectant that must not contain more than 70% alcohol) :
  • permitted in checked and carry-on baggage   • max. 2 L total net quantity of all such articles carried by each passenger   • max. 0.5 L per each single article   • in carry-on baggage: max. 100mL per item in accordance with the aviation security provisions for liquids and gels.

The airport does not require any additional confirmation when making a flight check-in. To check-in for a flight, you need a valid airline ticket and the necessary travel documents. For any additional information, we suggest you contacting the airline you are planning your flight with.

To avoid the hassle of checking in for your flight, we recommend that you make the online check-in for your flight at your home. While paying for services at the passenger terminal, we recommend using the contactless payment option instead of cash payment.

Due to current social distance guidelines, please avoid all visitors / escorts entering the passenger terminal, with exceptions when accompanying or picking up a passenger requiring assistance - Persons with Reduced Mobility, Unaccompanied minors etc.

Always plan your arrival at the airport no later than two hours before your international flight or one hour before your domestic flight, so that you have enough time to go through all the procedures of check-in and acceptance of passengers and luggage on a particular flight.

Despite the increased frequency of cleaning and disinfection of all security check points, we advise passenger when going through Security check, avoid using the shared-use bins by storing your items in carry-on luggage, purses or other bags, and sending it through the x-ray machine. Store loose belongings such as a phone or wallet in a bag to avoid germs but also to spend as little time in the security screening area as possible. The screener may not require the passengers or other persons being screened to remove their masks or gloves. We advise passengers to have as less as possible hand luggage to simplify security procedure and reduce risks.

The arrangement of passengers in an aircraft depends on the internal rules and guidelines of each air carrier. For any additional information we suggest contacting the airline directly.

The Border Control, in cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior, have the necessary information for passengers arriving/departing from countries where a contagion has been reported. The airport itself is unable to determine any actions to prevent possible spread of the virus on its own. More information, as well as the latest information and recommendations for travellers, can be found on the Croatian Public Health Institute’s website:

All arriving passenger are advised, that after collecting their baggage leave the arrival terminal as soon as possible to minimise the possibility of transmission.

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